Bangkok Things

The Best Thing About Bangkok

23 Aug , 2015  

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You can make loads of money in Bangkok because the limit of money is small, and that’s just the best thing about Bangkok.



Winstons and Henrys new tablet

8 Aug , 2015  




We have bought a new tablet in a shopping mall called “Digital valley” in Danga city mall in Johor Bahru. It has a pen that you cant use for paper but you can use it for the tablet. Love Winston and Henry



Sushi Rouge Bali

23 Jul , 2015  


It is big. It is beautiful. They have got a magician. The sushi is delicious. It is in Ubud. The waitress is very friendly. The magician is good. There is a massage place, it’s beautiful,  and there are loads of stepping stones. Here is a map



Rouge Gallery

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Boat Inventions

Winston’s Boat Invention

20 Jun , 2015   Video

It’s made out of cardboard and the it’s got bottles for floats. It’s got a new sail. The other sail broke because it was in the water and it was tearing paper. Winston made it at the Reuse Centre.

Love Winston


I Made A Rocket And Jet Plane

10 Jun , 2015   Video

The plane is really strong because it’s got glue, and that was only the strength. The plane is so fast and even it’s the strongest plane of all. I made it from bamboo and wood – Winston


Henry Made A Rocket

10 Jun , 2015   Video

It has fire at the back. The rocket can fly. It’s made out of bamboo. It can’t break.



Winston and Henry’s Podcast in Toro Sushi, Ubud

8 Jun , 2015   Video

Jag vill ha Australiensiska pengar för jag vill åka till Australien.

Rocket Cars

Do You Love My Rocket Car Picture?

8 Jun , 2015  


It’s powered by water. And even, it can jump really high. The wheels are made out of plastic lids and the hub caps are metal lids . You can call them steel lids or aluminium lids. And even, it’s so fast, it’s really really super duper mega fast. We made it in the reuse centre in Ubud. The exhaust pipes are capacitors and the lights are drawing pins. The radiator is inside. The bonnet is staples.